WTC unveils 5150 qualification and prize distribution

first_imgWorld Triathlon Corporation (WTC) has unveiled further details regarding the organisation, qualification and prize distribution for its newly created 5150 Triathlon Series.The Hy-Vee Triathlon will serve as the 5150 US Championship and is scheduled for 4 September 2011, in Des Moines, Iowa.WTC is producing the new 5150 Triathlon Series. Bill Burke will serve as the Managing Director of the global series with Philip LaHaye in the role of Director of Operations for US based events. Registration for all 5150 events will open on Wednesday 1 December 2010.Professional athletes who qualify for and compete in the 5150 US Championship are eligible for more than US$1.1 million in prize money. Athletes interested in competing in the championship event should visit for a comprehensive breakdown of the professional qualification policy, rules and prize purse distribution.Additionally, top finishers in amateur categories will qualify for the 5150 US Championship and will be eligible for over US$120,000 worth of prizes and product, including a Ford vehicle to the overall Open Amateur champions. More information on the amateur qualification policy, to include a list of categories, rules and prize distribution, is also available on to WTC – consisting of a 1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run – the 2011 5150 Triathlon Series will be the largest international distance triathlon series in the world and will be the first non-drafting international race series of its kind, offering a competitive platform for professional and amateur athletes alike.In its first year, 5150 will offer 13 events in the US as well as a handful of international races.2011 5150 Triathlon Series (United States) March 20 – Miami International Triathlon (Miami, Florida) May 1 – St Anthony’s Triathlon (St. Petersburg, Florida) May 15 – 5150 New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana) May 22 – Memphis in May Triathlon (Tunica, Mississippi) June 19 – Washington DC Triathlon (Washington, DC) June 25 – 5150 Provo (Provo, Utah) July 10 – Boulder Peak Triathlon (Boulder, Colorado) August 7 – Nautica New York City Triathlon (New York, NY) September 4 – Hy-Vee Triathlon/5150 US Championship (Des Moines, Iowa) September 11 – 5150 Lake Lanier (Gainesville, Georgia) October 2 – 5150 Lake Las Vegas (Henderson, Nevada) October 23 – 5150 Galveston (Galveston, Texas) November 12 – 5150 Clearwater/5150 Series Finale (Clearwater, Florida)2011 5150 Triathlon Series (International) June 5 – 5150 Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany) June 12 – 5150 Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt, Austria) July 9 – 5150 Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)Additional international events will be announced in the coming Relatedlast_img read more

Bill would prohibit sending no-show jurors to jail

first_imgBill would prohibit sending no-show jurors to jail Jan 14, 2020 By Jim Ash Senior Editor Top Stories Two South Florida lawmakers want to prohibit judges from sentencing no-show jurors to jail in the wake of a contempt-of-court case that received national attention.Sen. Bobby Powell, D-West Palm Beach, is sponsoring SB 1590. Rep. Al Jacquet, D-Riviera Beach, filed the companion, HB 1125.Both bills would prohibit judges from imposing jail sentences on prospective jurors who fail to attend court without a sufficient excuse. Judges would be permitted to impose a fine of up to $100.An aide said Powell filed the legislation after meeting with a local man who Powell believes was treated too harshly for oversleeping and missing jury duty.“We don’t take missing jury duty lightly and we don’t think anybody should,” said legislative assistant Kersti Myles. “But given the totality of the circumstances, imprisonment is too harsh.”Last year, a 15th Circuit judge imposed a 10-day jail sentence on the 21-year-old West Palm Beach man who was selected to serve in a civil trial but failed to return the next day.The man’s absence caused a 45-minute trial delay.At a contempt hearing the next month, the man apologized and acknowledged that he overslept and went to work without notifying the court.In addition to the jail sentence, the judge ordered the man to serve a year of probation, write a letter of apology, and pay $223 in court costs — but he later vacated the additional penalties.Powell publicly demanded that the judge be removed from office and filed a complaint with the Judicial Qualifications Commission.Myles said Powell’s office recently received a notice that the complaint was dismissed after the JQC determined there was no violation.“We believe they followed the letter of the law and we will now focus our efforts on the bill,” Myles said.The Associated Press reported in 2017 that the problem of no-show jurors appears to be growing.According to the National Center for State Courts, “FTA” jurors — for failure to appear — account for an average of 9% of all summonses.But rates range from 1% to more than 50%, depending on the jurisdiction.Four of every five court jurisdictions conduct some type of follow-up program for FTA jurors, according to the study.“The only approaches found to produce measurable reductions in FTA rates are those that issue a second summons to the offending juror,” wrote Paula Hannaford-Agor, director of the Center for Jury Studies.“Controlling for jurisdiction size, courts that had implemented a second summons program had FTA rates that were 24% to 46% lower than those that had not,” Hannaford-Agor said.Citing another study, Hannaford-Agor said the single biggest contributing factor in FTA rates is a juror’s fear of “significant consequences” for failing to comply.Neither bill has received a committee hearing. The 60-day session convenes January 14.last_img read more

Mindfulness combats depression for disadvantaged black women

first_imgShare Email Share on Twitter African-American women with lower socio-economic status have an increased risk of depressive disorders, yet they rarely seek out antidepressants or psychotherapy because of negative attitudes and stigma associated with conventional mental health treatments.A new pilot Northwestern Medicine study showed that eight weeks of mindfulness training helped alleviate their depressive symptoms and reduce stress, providing an effective alternative to more conventional treatment.“Many women are in need of help with their depression and coping with daily life, but they don’t seek it out because of limited access to high-quality mental health services and the stigma within their families and communities,” said the study’s principal investigator Inger Burnett-Zeigler, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “Our study shows that there are alternatives to traditional mental health treatment, such as mind-body approaches, that effectively alleviate symptoms and can be done autonomously in the comfort of their own home.” Pinterestcenter_img LinkedIn Share on Facebook Over the course of the 16-week study, the average depressive symptoms and stress scores decreased across the 31 participants. They also reported an increase in well-being and were able to recognize stressful triggers in their lives, notice how their bodies react to triggers and learn how to gain more control over their physiological responses to stress.“It felt good to be in control of my emotions for the first time in my life,” one participant said. Another said, “We are always superwomen [and] we have to be able to do everything, and that brings out a lot of stress. …This helped me to reorganize and put [these stressful events] in the proper perspective and understand I have an opportunity to learn how to calm myself down and recognize what is going on.”The study, which was published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice Aug. 13, is the first to examine the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions to combat depression among disadvantaged women in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), which provides comprehensive community-based medical care to low-income individuals.Burnett-Zeigler and her co-authors recruited women from the Komed Holman Health Center, an FQHC on Chicago’s South Side. At the time of recruitment, 91 percent of the women at the center were eligible for the study, which demonstrates the high level of mental health need among adult women in the FQHC. Thirty-one women ended up participating in the study.Burnett-Zeigler said there is great potential to expand mindfulness-based interventions nationally based on this growing need to provide low-cost, effective mental health services in community-based settings. Her future studies aim to examine the feasibility of national implementation and dissemination.The mindfulness techniques Burnett-Zeigler teaches include sitting meditation, yoga, mental body scans and taking a mindful pause to be in the moment. Patients are encouraged to increase their awareness of everyday activities, such as taking a shower or drinking a cup of coffee.“These practices help them take a step back and live in the moment versus worrying about what’s already happened or what’s to come,” Burnett-Zeigler said. “People who are depressed or who have depressive symptoms often have tunnel vision, whereby they’re only seeing information in the environment that supports their negative beliefs.”Study participants also were encouraged to engage in daily practice at home, in addition to the guided sessions in the clinic. On average, participants practiced meditation, yoga and mental body scans four days per week and spent an average of 2.5 hours practicing a week.Before participating in the study, 45 percent of the women reported no prior experience with meditation, and 71 percent reported no past experience with yoga. All of the women who participated in the study reported symptoms of depression, however 87 percent had not received any mental health treatment in the past year.last_img read more

Dolphin’s Acquisition of Møre Tampen Survey Underway

first_imgDolphin Geophysical is currently acquiring 4192km² of new Multi-Client 3D SHarp Broadband seismic in the northernmost region of the Norwegian North Sea. The survey targets both open and newly awarded APA acreage. Current acquisition progress stands at 40%, Dolphin informed.The Polar Duchess is utilising 12 Streamers with 75m separation and 6750m offsets to acquire this large Multi-Client survey during July and August 2015. Dolphin’s on board processing team are working to deliver a Fast-Track volume to pre-committing clients before October 2015, Dolphin wrote in a press release.From the examination of existing vintage data it was apparent that 3D Broadband coverage is required to map and evaluate the potential existence of interesting stratigraphic features such as Cretaceous and younger Cenezoic submarine fan deposits. The survey lies adjacent to the shallow 2005 Peon gas discovery and will cover 3 minor discoveries and 6 wells in total, including discovery wells 35/3-2, 6204/10-1 and 6204/11-1.Full PSTM processing will be carried out at Dolphin’s UK processing centre and pre-committing clients will participate throughout the entire processing phase.last_img read more

How to survive… an interview

first_img1. Clothes. In the immortal words of Trinny and Susannah: “you are what you wear”. So dress the part. If you’re going for an architect’s job, don’t wear the suit you last wore to your Aunt Reenie’s funeral. Go for something stylish and understated that can’t fail to reflect your knowledge about space and form. Gentlemen: white socks will put the interviewer on full Chav alert and comedy ties, well, just aren’t funny. Most people have an innate distrust of men with moustaches – if you have one, shave it off.Ladies: we all know the power of a nicely turned out lass but it’s not a good idea to dress like a hooker – keep the wonderbra and mini skirt in the wardrobe or you may get the job with expected “overtime”. It won’t win you many friends among your female colleagues either. Trainers are not an option2. Shoes. Little foot warmers to protect your tootsies? Wrong. Shoes say everything about you. Make sure they are clean and polished – and no trainers please. It’s a sad fact of life that, statistically, tall people usually get the job over the vertically challenged. So if you’re a lady of the ‘petite’ persuasion, don’t be tempted to wear ballet pumps with your suit but do check you can walk in your Manolos. Similarly, short men should sneak in whatever they can get away with – cuban heels under a long trouser leg may be just the ticket.3. Be punctual. If you’re rubbish in the mornings, arrange the interview for the afternoon. Give yourself plenty of time for the journey – only death or natural disasters are valid excuses for lateness. Prepare your ‘outfit’ the night before and don’t go out on a massive bender, even if it is your birthday. If you are unavoidably late, then ring in to let the interviewer know.4. Project your voice. Though not in a Dennis Rodman fashion. Whatever you do, don’t go into mouse mode during the interview, mumbling your answers into your shirt collar. Look straight at the interviewer making direct eye contact and speak slowly and confidently, as if you were talking to a bemused foreigner (go easy on the condescension). Play for extra time by repeating the question asked of you back to the interviewer in a rephrased, considered manner while your mind is panicking about the answer.5. Tell them what they want to hear. You love working as “part of a team” but you are also sufficiently motivated to work well “on your own”. Interviewers will want to hire someone they can boss. They don’t want confrontation, yet they don’t necessarily like someone they can wipe the floor with. It’s important therefore to tread that fine line between mobster and mop.Ah, yes, the salary…6. Don’t go into braggy mode. Never swagger into an interview. When the interviewer asks that nightmarishly open-ended question: “just tell us a little about yourself”, don’t seize the opportunity to launch into a monologue about just how brilliant you at sky-diving, sudoku and salsa. Bosses don’t like show-offs or people who can do things better than they can, and come to think of it nor does anyone else. 7. Never slag off your former employers or colleagues. However tempted you may be to call your current boss an imbecile, resist the urge. If you are badmouthing them, what does that say about your ability to be loyal to your new company, eh? Think about it…8. Be keen but not desperate. Avoid exaggeration – no one will ever believe that as a small child you dreamed of becoming the contractor on a multi-storey car park. Make sure you swot up on the company so that you can ask some incisive questions – with the amount of info on the net, you’ve no excuse.9. Prepare answers to possible questions. Rehearse in front of the bathroom mirror as if you were being interviewed (Parky rather than Paxman if you want an easy ride). When asked, “where do you see yourself in five years time?”, never say “in your seat”. Take a copy of your CV with you, and check the ‘facts’ to be sure to remember them. Body language, such as scratching your nose or looking shiftily away, will draw attention to the fact you are lying.10. Money, moolah, wonga. There’s no subtle way of putting it. This is the bête noire of interview questions. The interviewer probably won’t bring it up until asked, just to make you sweat. Yet if the job ad mentioned a “competitive salary” (read “as little as we can get away with paying you”), then you need to know. If there are likely to be a string of interview stages, save the question until you get through to the next level. Otherwise, ask if the interviewer could give you some idea of the proposed salary. You are likely to be asked what you are currently earning. Always remember to bump up your answer by at least two grand – the interviewer will nearly always assume you have done and you will only lose out if you are a martyr to your morals.last_img read more

The complications of dual role clauses for adjudicators

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Hareket handles Turakurgan delivery

first_imgIn total, Hareket transported 7,408 tonnes of cargo, made up of 42 items of equipment including a gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, transformer and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), to the new plant, which is located in Nemengan province, 280 km east of Uzbekistan’s capital city, Tashkent. The heaviest unit was a 255-tonne transformer.There were significant challenges to the overland transport, which required cooperation from the Uzbekistan General Directorate of Highways. One of the challenges required Hareket to by-pass a direct route to the power plant via the Kamchik Tunnel due to its height restrictions.According to Hareket, the transport operation from the Kamchik Pass is the first heavy-duty operation in this region.Meanwhile, Hareket has also been working on the Cameroon Douala Japoma Stadium project, which is being built by Yenigün Construction and will be used during the Africa Cup of Nations football championship.At the project site, Hareket has been responsible for lifting steel materials, which have been shipped to Cameroon from Turkey. To lift the components, which vary in weights, Hareket has deployed mobile cranes with lifting capacities ranging from from 35 to 400 tonnes.The works, which started in February 2018, are planned to be completed by March 2019.www.hareket.comwww.yenigun.comlast_img read more

PII prescription from Society?

first_img Ronnie Fox, principal, Fox Solicitors, London EC3 The 8 April Gazette contains the president’s invitation to submit suggestions as to how the Law Society could help solicitors. Here is mine. In the same issue the Gazette reports that more law firms are ignoring Law Society warnings about the dangers of taking out professional indemnity insurance (PII) policies with unrated insurers. The chief executive of the Society says that firms should consider the financial security of insurers. The fact is that few law firms are equipped to make a meaningful assessment of this kind. Solicitors are required to take out PII with a qualifying insurer – that is, an insurer which has entered into an agreement in such terms as the Law Society may prescribe. In my view the Society should take responsibility for assessing the financial strength of insurers and prescribe appropriate terms accordingly. The result would be to eliminate a source of worry for 10,000 firms of solicitors. last_img read more

Guyana looking to establish gold refinery

first_img Share BusinessNewsRegional Guyana looking to establish gold refinery by: – April 16, 2018 Sharing is caring! Share GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) — Guyana says it is considering the establishment of a refinery as part of the efforts to modernise the gold industry.Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman, said that representatives of a South African company will be in Guyana shortly, to conduct a feasibility study on the possibility of establishing the refinery.Trotman said that for years, the Guyana Gold Board (GGB) has been using the old method of refining gold and believes that the time has come to revolutionise the gold industry.“So, we are strongly looking at the possibility setting up a refinery, either through a public-private partnership or wholly through government.”He said that the visit of the team from South America is being facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that the GGB is already in receipt of a number of other plans for the refinery’s establishment.“We had looked at similar facilities in Suriname. We have received proposals from local business persons as well as far as Dubai, India, the US and Canada, so we are moving in the direction of modernising this industry,” Trotman said, adding that the time has come for the country to have its own refinery.He said that even if Guyana cannot refine all of its gold; it must be in a position to refine a substantial amount.Trotman said the GGB is also exploring the idea of producing commemorative coins and ingots which will be up for sale, “people could come and buy Guyanese gold as a Guyanese or if you are a citizen of Canada or the United States. It comes with a certificate and I believe this is where we are headed.”For several years, Guyana has used the traditional method of smelting gold. This has, however becoming worrying. Only recently there was a spike in the level of mercury emission in the air at the GGB laboratory.center_img Share Tweet 28 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

Iloilo MVP jins shine in Dinagyang Taekwondo

first_imgThe lone wolf that captured the bronzemedal for the MVP team was Margarette Gem Obsequio, mentored by head coachDenmark Pinggol. Taekwondo jins from the Iloilo Mark V. Pinggol Gym stable. DENMARK PINGGOL Bagging home the gold medals for thestable were Phil Caleb Regalado, Chris Bernie Damaolao, Eduardo AdenicIII, Adrian Joseph Gajasan, Josiah Vonn Linga, Beatriz Santos, ElishaMiela Paradero, Andria Margaret Palabrica, Sheine Nicole de Asis, Josh KarlMacahilig, Red Dyron Lusaya, Mary Bernadette Algaria, Akimeh Demavivas, AnnaCordova, Marielle Faye Lagamio, Nina Pearl Acosta, and Anne Aquino. Meanwhile, Andrei Michael Ledesma,Johann Macanas, Dariel Andrei Talamor, Josef Marti Linga, Charee MarieGenecela, Jenella Ashley Tionko, and Alyanah Tionko settled for silver medalfinishes. ILOILO City – Taekwondo jins from theIloilo Mark V. Pingol (MVP) Gym have showcased their wares during the kyorugievent of the Dinagyang Invitational Taekwondo Championship on Saturday at theWestern Institute of Technology STS Gymnasium. The MVP team finished the one-daytaekwondo event as the first runner-up in the standings behind the tiedchampions Nicole Taekwondo Gym of Janiuay and RJT Gym of Pototan. “I am pleased with the way theyperformed here,” said Pinggol. “My taekwondo jins were able to keep in stepwith tough opponents in this competition. But they will still keep onimproving.”/PNlast_img read more