Jim Calhoun ‘stunned and saddened’ after being accused of sexual discrimination

first_img“I was stunned and saddened to read the inflated and misleading headlines and the accusations directed at me this past Wednesday, and again in an editorial in Friday’s Hartford Courant, by an ex-USJ employee and an all-too-eager click-driven media,” Calhoun said Saturday in a released statement to the Hartford Courant.”I am angry and hurt that the reputation that I’ve worked so hard to achieve for over 50 years — actually, for more than 77 years — was so easily dismissed and thrown aside in return for headlines or eyeballs or whatever the appropriate term is here. And I’m especially angry that my career and my name are being used for legal grandstanding instead of in support for the victims of discrimination.” Related News On Wednesday, Jaclyn Piscitelli filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court against Saint Joseph, which is a small Catholic school in Connecticut that just recently started admitting men in 2018.Piscitelli said in the filing that he was fired in June after complaining about the conduct of men in the athletic department, which included Calhoun. She claimed the 77-year-old coach helped create “a boys club” atmosphere and that she was subjected to menial tasks, such as opening doors for Calhoun when he had his keys in his hand and stomping on coffee K-cups, then having Piscitelli clean them up.She also said that Calhoun referred to her as “hot.” Calhoun has denied all the allegations.”I’m not sure when asking a colleague if they would mind opening the door because my hands were full became discrimination or when self-deprecation for being an aging, clumsy husband became an insult,” Calhoun wrote in his statement. “And call me old-fashioned in this regard … I use the word ‘hot’ to describe the weather and the temperature of my morning coffee. And the only woman I openly compliment is my wife of 53 years and frankly, I call her ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ … because she is.” Jim Calhoun has broken his silence after he was accused of sexual discrimination by a former employee earlier this week.The Hall of Fame basketball coach, who currently works at Saint Joseph, said he didn’t knowingly discriminate against any woman and he has “never treated any woman inappropriately.” Calhoun also said he while he isn’t perfect, he believes in treating people fairly and was proud of his reputation at Saint Joseph.”I have made mistakes throughout my life and I know that I will continue to do so. However, I firmly and unequivocally, at no time, knowingly treated any woman unfairly because of her gender. In addition, let me be clear, I have never treated any woman inappropriately,” he wrote.Calhoun won three national championships as UConn men’s basketball coach before he retired in 2012 after a 26-year tenure with the Huskies. He decided to come out of retirement in 2018 to serve as Saint Joseph’s first-ever head coach of the men’s basketball team. Kansas coach Bill Self dismisses ‘narrative’ that promo video was aimed at NCAA Hall of Fame coach Jim Calhoun named in sex discrimination lawsuit Villanova 5-star freshman Bryan Antoine, coach Jay Wright quell redshirt speculationlast_img

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