Delta’s woes persist through weekend, with more flights canceled

first_img Recommended Published: April 9, 2017 7:38 AM EDT Airline bookings start to tumble again as coronavirus cases spike (CNN) Delta Air Lines, still working to get back to normal days after thunderstorms blew through the eastern US on Wednesday, had to scrub about 275 more flights on Saturday.The No. 2 US airline, which already canceled around 3,000 flights in the wake of the powerful mid-week storms, said in a statement on Saturday that it’s possible even more flights will be called off, stranding and frustrating passengers during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year.Delta Chief Operating Officer Gil West called the storms that pounded Atlanta “unprecedented” and acknowledged the recovery effort could have been better.“The specific track and intensity of weather like this is often difficult to forecast,” West said in remarks on Thursday. “We are grateful for your patience and want you to know that we, as always, learn from these experiences. While we can’t control the weather, we understand the resulting recovery has not been ideal and we apologize for that.”The severe weather battered the mid-Atlantic region, the Northeast and Georgia, causing tornado-like conditions around Delta’s hub, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, through which 60% of its 1,250-aircraft fleet passes each day.Delta has one of the most enviable track records in the airline industry. The carrier had 161 days in 2016 without a cancellation on its mainline operations. That included both cancellations related to factors it could control, like maintenance, and those it couldn’t, like weather.But the airline has faced high-profile disruptions recently. The airline suffered roughly the same number of cancellations as this week’s issues when an IT outage in August forced a halt to its operations, leaving the airline catching up for days.“Customers should check and the Fly Delta Mobile App for updates on flight status. A travel waiver has been extended through the weekend to help customers rebook without change fees if travel plans are flexible,” Delta said in its Saturday statement.Operational recovery continues after week of storms:— Delta (@Delta) April 8, 2017Several factors aggravated the air-travel headaches.Spring-breakers packing planes compounded an already difficult situation, making it hard for delayed travelers to find available seats and causing a pileup in airports and telephone queues. Pilots and cabin crews who fly under tightly regulated work schedules found themselves unable to operate flights in many cases, even when planes were back in position.The baggage claim area at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was backed up Saturday with bags from stranded or rerouted passengers.“It’s due to a mix of people who got rerouted or chose to reroute themselves” after the storms, Delta spokesman Michael Thomas told CNN. “Some elected not to travel … and their bags were still in the system.”The rate of canceled flights has “slowed considerably today,” Thomas said Saturday, adding that he expects things Sunday to return to “close to normal.”Suzanne Goldklang, a reporter at CNN affiliate WNEP in Pennsylvania, saw her Thursday evening departure fromSavannah, Georgia, canceled and was rebooked on a flight leaving four-and-a-half hours earlier. After she raced to the airport to catch her new flight, that one was canceled, too. Rebooked again, her 1:30 p.m. departure on Friday was also canceled for lack of a flight attendant.“There’s a ground hold at (New York’s) LaGuardia so they may pull us off this plane,” Goldklang told CNN from aboard a flight, her fourth attempt to get out of Savannah Friday evening. Goldklang’s flight finally left Savannah for New York, 61 minutes late.Crystal and Wayne Curry described what can only be called a travel nightmare. The couple were due to fly from Boston back to their home in Mobile, Alabama, on Wednesday morning with Delta, but that flight was canceled. Delta rescheduled them on a flight for Saturday, but then that flight was canceled.They were again rescheduled for a Monday flight, but Wayne Curry’s diabetes medicine was due to run out before then. So the Currys decided to rent a car and drive to New York to fly home on another airline Saturday.In all, they said they spent more than $3,000 on rental cars, hotels, and new tickets because of the cancellations, as well as countless hours on hold with Delta’s help line.And despite all that maneuvering, they still missed the 80th birthday of Wayne’s mother.“I’ll hear about that for the rest of her life,” he said. What airlines are doing to protect you against COVID-19 Do you see a typo or an error? Let us know. Delta’s woes persist through weekend, with more flights canceled Author: CNN SHARElast_img read more

Internet will drive next generation of PIS

first_imgINTRO: On-board passenger information systems are becoming an essential rather than an optional extra, but design needs to be driven by customer expectations, rather than an operator’s wish list. Advanced technology is helping to lower running costs and drive up revenues, making the equipment self-financingINTER-CITY passengers could be benefiting from a wide range of on-board information and entertainment systems within five years, thanks to the rapid emergence of internet and mobile phone technologies. Real-time news and advertising, videos on demand, and even on-train internet surfing will be possible as component prices fall and bandwidth limitations disappear.This is the vision of Marshall Moreyne, founder and President of Montreal-based passenger information specialist Telecite Inc, acquired last October by Alstom through a strategic development agreement. Founded in 1986, the company has developed its current PIS range for the urban market, but Alstom’s global reach and resources will allow expansion into inter-city operations.Telecite’s information systems are designed to be self-financing, with commercial advertising contributing to the cost of installing the hardware and supplying news, travel information and emergency messages. ’Only 20 years ago, information systems were seen as an optional extra’, suggests Moreyne. ’Following the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, and similar legislation elsewhere, they are becoming a necessity. But some operators still need convincing that adding PIS can be cost-effective.’Most on-train information systems are what Moreyne describes as ’entry level’, with only a few basic functions. To demonstrate ’high end’ technology, in 1993 Telecite negotiated a 20-year concession to install and operate its Visual Communications Network on the Montreal metro. The company has fitted LED displays in 846 cars, and provides a mix of route information, news and advertising. In return, operator STCUM now has the ability to reach its riders with real-time travel information and emergency announcements when required.Following the success of the Montreal pilot, Telecite won contracts for other demonstration schemes, including New York, Hong Kong and Paris RER Line C. These led to orders for installing PIS in over 100 NYCT subway stations and on 212 R143 cars, and 175 platform displays for Amtrak’s New York Penn station. VCN equipment will also be fitted on stations and vehicles for the JFKairport rail link.In Hong Kong Telecite is supplying a complete package and over 3000 display screens to MTR Corp, equipping 762 refurbished EMU cars and the new stock to serve the Tseung Kwan O extension. Paris is currently tendering for between 2000 and 4000 displays to equip all stations on RER Lines C and D. VCN in operationThe Montreal network provides two displays in each car positioned longitudinally across diagonally-opposite windows. Because of the comparatively early installation, each display uses 32 x 160 dot displays with 5 mm three-colour LEDs (red/green/amber). These offer a continuous rolling programme of news bulletins, next station announcements and advertisements.The standard package of information is prepared by a dedicated Telecite team, and downloaded by wireless to the trains over a wide-area network. It will typically be updated four times a day to keep the news elements current. Within the package is a master schedule, setting times of day and locations for information to be broadcast. For example, a specific advert or message relating to some event at one station could be configured to appear only on trains arriving at that location, or on all trains currently operating within a given section of route.The whole package is downloaded to a 4MB on-board controller, which then sends the current requirements to a 2MB memory chip in each display unit. Location data can be collected from the signalling, odometers, lineside beacons or GPS. As well as programme messages, VCN allows for ’transient messages’ to be generated in an emergency. With pre-formatted options available for 99% of likely events, boxes for the operator to complete, and a menu of click-on zones for dispatch, it takes around 7 sec to compile a message and 10 sec to send it anywhere on the network. Digitised voice announcements can also be sent the same way. The mix of news, information and advertising varies from city to city, and Telecite has been conducting market surveys to assess whether passengers absorb the material and what they like to see. In Table I, (a) compares the mix of customer preferences for three cities, while (b) shows the level of customer recall for different forms of content.Technology-driven futureOne factor influencing the scope of information systems is the choice of display technology. LEDs provide an economical approach for essentially text messages with limited animated graphics. LCD screens offer higher quality resolution, but at present they only have a five-year life, making the cost eight times higher than LEDs.Both approaches are set to see major improvements in the next few years. The advent of blue LEDs – hitherto very expensive but now being demanded by the medical industry – will permit full colour LED displays. And the adoption of a 15 inch LCD as the standard screen for laptop computers will drive economies of scale, making them more accessible for the rail market.Ultra-slim LEDs and a purpose-designed power module have allowed the development of 256-colour display screens no more than 29mm thick. These can be wall-mounted within a vehicle, rather than set into the interior panelling which was essential for earlier four-colour units up to 125mm thick. Telecite has recently launched its VCN2000 system, which offers bi-directional interactive services using LCD or plasma displays. This is driven via the internet, using a TCPIP open architecture. As well as moving on-train advertising to a seamless multimedia display, VCN2000 will have higher bandwidths to allow inter-city users to download videos on demand, for example. Passengers could also surf the internet with real-time connectivity. These options are most likely to be available via seat-back or pop-up personal displays, but Moreyne sees the potential for a few wall-mounted screens in metro trains for passengers to access real-time information. One proposal recently submitted to an Asian metro operator combines on-train LED displays for text messaging with touch screen LCD screens allowing passengers to request information on specific topics.TABLE: Table I: Survey of information usea) Preference for type of contentCity Montreal Paris Hong KongInternational news 1 3 3Local news 3 1 3Weather 3 1 2Sports 3 3 1Advertising 2 1 2Particularities Lottery Books Stock Marketb) Message recall (40% adverts, 60% information)City Montreal Paris Hong KongWeather – – 68News – 67 52Adverts – 48 51Next stop – 53 41Finance – – 27Sports – 18 14Other – 50 -TABLE: Table II. Montreal metro passenger surveyPrincipal on-train activityWatch information panels 40%Read 38%Watch people 26%Ride with others / talk 16%Read static adverts 14%Close eyes 8%Don’t know 4%Frequency of watching info panels 1998 1999Always 24% 33%Most times 31% 29%Time to time 29% 31%Rarely 16% 7%CAPTION: Above: Telecite LED-based platform display screens at New York’s Pennsylvania station Top right: Telecite President Marshall Moreyne demonstrates an NYCT LED module to Chris Jackson in MontrealBelow right: LCD-based information displays are being fitted to the refurbished MTR fleet in Hong KongCAPTION: Lottery advertising has proved one of the most widely-read messages on the Montreal metro information systemReader Enquiry Numbers:Télécité 111TNCi UK 112last_img read more

EF Games’ Carl Jones picks his top 10 games of 2019

first_img2019 has proven to be a bit of an odd year for the gaming industry. Next-generation consoles are on the horizon, as is next-generation PC hardware. It’s not quite time for the grand finale titles for the generation to hit, which leaves us in this weird dead zone. Thankfully, there have been some knockout titles this year and with the January sales about to start here are 10 of the absolute best games of the year.10. The Dark Pictures: Man of MedanCreated by Supermassive Games, a small British team with a mere 11 years behind their belt, Man of Medan is a fantastic interactive horror game. For those who played their last smash hit, Until Dawn, you know what to expect. It’s an adventure game where you play as several young adults who take to the open seas for alcohol, sex and deep ocean dives. When they are attacked by pirates, the game quickly turns into a horror game, with pirates being the least of your worries.Like Until Dawn before it, character relationships and decisions drive the story and the game does a great job of offering re-playability. The game is filled with jump-scares and cheesy dialogue that never takes itself too seriously. Better yet, the game can be played in online or offline co-op. Boasting some jaw-dropping visuals, it’s a must buy and if you enjoyed it, worry not, a new instalment of The Dark Pictures is due out every 6 months.For more information check out our Dark Pictures: Man of Medan review.9. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s AwakeningI’m just going to take a guess that a fair few readers will have played this game many times. For those people, why don’t you own this already (and don’t pretend you don’t own a Switch!)? For those who missed it, this is a classic Zelda adventure game. It’s short and it’s simple but like all the classics, that’s all it needs to be. The visual touch up instantly draws you in and the charming world is a delight to explore. While the game shows it’s age, the clever puzzles and fun combat surpass that to create a must-have experience for any Nintendo Switch owner.8. Call of Duty: Modern WarfareSure, it’s always been popular but there is a huge subset of gamers who’ve fallen away from this juggernaut of a series. The original Modern Warfare was a fan favourite, so a remake certainly piqued interest. Activision promised this title would bring Call of Duty back to its roots and offer better business practices than the previous few titles have. Despite many raised eyebrows, they nailed it.A fantastic campaign that was daring and oddly reserved, as opposed to the bombastic campaigns of the past, this is what the series was begging for. Absolutely stellar tech is driving this game engine and the visuals are top-notch. Multiplayer is excellent, feeling less like a product and more as a mix of… know? Fun. Not to mention the constant drop of free content. I hope this a turning point for the series, as it proves, you can release a great multiplayer game, with an awesome campaign and make a lot of money.For more information check out our Call of Duty Modern Warfare review.7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderBeing brutally honest, EA has continually let me down over the past few years. Their aggressive monetisation and carving up of studios have made me turn away. There is a glimmering light though and that is Respawn Entertainment. After releasing the hugely popular Titanfall series and the ever-growing Apex Legends, Respawn announced they are developing a single-player Star Wars game.A single-player Star Wars game published by EA, what’s the catch? Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a brilliant adventure. Taking cues from God of War, its Lightsaber focused combat system and Force based exploration was a constant joy. An excellent story with a great cast, set in an interesting part of the best Sci-fi universe, it’s simply wonderful. If this is EA understanding that there is a place for games like this, they’ll see a lot of people returning to support them and that’s a great thing.For more information check out our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review.6. Metro: ExodusThe Metro series has always blown me away. The post-apocalypse setting makes so much sense when it’s based in Russia. Protagonist Artyom and his adventure is enthralling and the world-building developer 4A Games has crafted is simply astounding. There is a slight shift to a more open world for this title and it doesn’t impact its intricate gameplay systems at all. It’s part FPS, part survival horror and completely incredible. The in house engine 4A Games uses is one of the best in the industry and Metro: Exodus is stunningly bleak in the best way. Swap the audio track to Russian and be completely immersed in this gem.5. The Outer WorldsThe term “Open World RPG” has become something so misidentified that games are just blending into the same thing. The incredibly talented Obsidian Entertainment rejected that idea when developing The Outer Worlds and I’m thankful they did. A relatively simple story is highlighted with brilliant characters and many quests and decisions to make. The black comedic tone sets this apart from the dozens of serious titles out there and it manages to be a more interesting game because of it.The incredibly varied game world dares to be smaller than the competition and the combat does what it needs to without dragging you down. What sets the game apart from the crowd is its character creator and skill trees. The level of variety is wonderful and Obsidian have sent a message to the big dogs “Do you dare to scale back and create better content?”. Oh, and if you have Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One or PC, grab this for no additional cost!For more information check out our Outer Worlds review.4. Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceI was worried about this game. Sure the Samurai setting looked cool but it seemed From Software were spreading themselves too thin and releasing the same game once again, with a new lick of paint. Thankfully, I was very wrong. Well, kind of wrong. Sekiro may share a lot of DNA traits of the other titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne but this is a very different beast. It manages to be a lot more difficult than the previous titles and still retain that sense of fairness. Holy Hell can From Software make a great combat system! The world is incredibly well designed and the new traversal system is a blast. Even more impressive is the excellent story they managed to tell. If you’re up for a challenge, this is the game for you.For more information check out our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review.3. A Plague Tale: InnocenceI fell in love with this game since it’s the first trailer and it far exceeded my expectations. It tells the tale of Amicia, a young girl protecting her younger brother Hugo from the plague in 14th century France. It’s a deeply effective story that takes more twists and turns than expected. Amicia is an outstanding protagonist and is supported by a great cast. The combat is simple and focuses on stealth but manages to be heart-pounding at times. Developer Asobo Studio are known for making Disney tie-in titles and that not so great Zoo Tycoon game. Seeing them develop this is mind-blowing. Even crazier is their in-house game engine, boasting stunning visuals. Games like this need to be supported.For more information check out our Plague Tale: Innocence review.2. Resident Evil 2It makes me so happy to see Capcom return to top form. Since the great Resident Evil 7 launched the new RE Engine, Capcom have gotten a second wind. Resident Evil 2 is a mostly like-for-like remake but uses the incredible RE Engine to great effect. It’s one of the best looking games of the year and this amount of effort put into a remake needs to be celebrated. It helps that Resident Evil 2 is already a great game but simply put, it’s a masterful survival horror game created with love.For more information check out our Resident Evil 2 review.1. Disco ElysiumDisco Elysium is one of those games. You know the one. The “Yeah, OK, I’ll check it out” game. Created by the tiny ZA/UM studio from Estonia, Disco Elysium pits you as an alcoholic cop waking up from a nasty bender. The classic point and click adventure may take a lot of inspiration but ends up being nothing but inspirational.The level of choice in the game is second to none. The choice in how you progress the plot is nothing compared to the choices you have in conversation and those pale in comparison to the choices you have with your stats. Every stat has its own personality, they interrupt every conversation, possibly to your own detriment.For a game with such heavy themes, it balances comedy perfectly. It gets bleak and downright dark but it’s punctuated with sweetness. Despite being smartly written with political themes, it never talks down to you. It encourages failure and rewards success equally. It’s easily the best game of the year and one of the best ever made.Have your favourite games of 2019 made my list or have yours been left by the wayside? Have your say on Twitter.last_img read more

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe endorses Trump’s “America for Americans”

first_imgUS president Donald Trump’s controversial nationalist views are getting support from one of the world’s least democratic leaders: Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.The 92-year-old, who has ruled Zimbabwe for 30 years, says that Trump policies focused on limiting entry for foreign nationals are necessary.“When it comes to Donald Trump, on the one hand talking of American nationalism, well America for America and America for American, on that we agree,” Mugabe said in an interview ahead of his 93rd birthday. After taking office, Trump signed a controversial executive order (currently halted by US courts) temporarily banning entry from seven Muslim-majority countries.It’s not the first time Mugabe has spoken supportively of Trump. Before the Nov. 8 US elections, Mugabe disclosed his preference for the Republican candidate, though later said he was ‘surprised’ by Trump’s win.Mugabe’s niceties are likely a ploy to cozy up to the US president in the hopes of getting Zimbabwe’s longstanding sanctions lifted. The sanctions were put in place by President George W. Bush in 2001, and maintained by President Barack Obama, in response to Zimbabwe’s controversial land reforms.Given time, Mugabe hopes Trump will “re-look the sanctions on Zimbabwe,” which have been particularly damaging for its struggling economy. Estimates peg lost revenue due to the sanctions at $42 billion.Mugabe isn’t the only populist leader on the continent who has quickly warmed up to Trump: After his victory, early congratulations came from some of Africa’s longest-serving strongmen.So far though, Trump has not shown much interest in the continent. He has only spoken with Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari, South Africa’s Jacob Zuma and Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.(Quartz Africa)last_img read more

Book published in memory of Geneva Revolution

first_img Share LocalNews Book published in memory of Geneva Revolution by: – August 2, 2014 Paul AlexanderIn commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Geneva Revolution, Paul Alexander, a Grand Bayrian who resides in the USVI, has penned a book entitled ‘Grand Bay The 1974 Geneva Uprising From Bala to Unicef’.The book highlights the history of Grand Bay as it relates to the Geneva uprising, cultural, social and political developments. It is also a tribute to Phillip “Unicef” Francis in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Geneva revolution. Alexander told Dominica Vibes on August 1, the reason for the book is to keep the island’s history alive “so we can have something for our future generations”.“The leader of the uprising Phillip Unicef Francis is still alive and this book is written as a tribute to him, because he did something very significant to lead the revolution whereby today villagers can enjoy development,” Alexander said.Alexander, who is also the president of the Wasin Dominique Association of St Thomas and St John U.S Virgin Islands, stated that he doesn’t want the legacy of ‘Unicef to be buried.He guarantees that the book covers the Geneva uprising in its totality, and a history of Grand Bay from the time the first people (the Kalinagos) settled there to the coming of Columbus and the uprising that took place in 1974.He further explained that Unicef, one of the first slaves who ran from the Geneva Estate and established camos in the woods only to return at nights to make raids on the estates, is seen as a reincarnation to Bala.“The book will also cover a period in 1976 when the government of Patrick john passed a law called the praedial and larceny act”.“That act what it did, it put a mandatory one year jail sentence for anybody who stole a coconut, a grapefruit, a lime or a guava anywhere.” Alexander added that, “there was no if, or, but about it, the sentence was one year jail”.Chubby, from the Midnight Groovers Band, was one of the victims of such act and penned a song about it.The book also entails information about Anthony Sowee Grell, who was sentenced under the act and only spent one night in jail.In the end he was hailed a hero for challenging the system and being instrumental in the abolition of such act.The book is on sale for $25.00 and can be purchased form Paul Alexander and Audio Solutions Inc in Grand Bay.Dominica Vibes News Share 394 Views   no discussionscenter_img Sharing is caring! Tweet Sharelast_img read more

Aviat Networks selects MaxLinear for its Highest Capacity Microwave Radio

first_imgMaxLinear has recently announced that Aviat Networks, a global provider of microwave networking solutions, has selected the MaxLinear MxL1105 CMOS transceiver and MxL85650 baseband SoC for its new WTM 4000 microwave radio which is said to be the highest capacity microwave radio ever produced, offering up to 2.5 Gbps uncompressed throughput per radio transceiver.The WTM 4000 is the industry’s first purpose-built IP-software defined networking (SDN) radio with an integrated IP/MPLS software stack and built-in support for SDN protocols like NETCONF/YANG and OpenFlow for standards-based network automation. It will come enabled with MaxLinear’s cutting-edge SoCs, together with their software protocols and microwave systems expertise, enabling a highly-differentiated microwave networking solution.The MaxLinear MxL1105 is an all-CMOS, single-chip broadband microwave transceiver that can support all licensed and unlicensed bands from 5 GHz to 44 GHz, including all ETSI-defined channel spacing options from 5 MHz to 224 MHz. With built-in Full Spectrum Capture™ (FSC™) technology, the device supports channel aggregation mode, enabling a second channel of any channel spacing to be processed within the same IC. It incorporates a full receive, transmit, feedback path, and all synthesizer components on a single chip, and can support code rates up to 4096 QAM. The closed-loop digital pre-distortion provides power amplifier (PA) linearization for a wide variety of PAs.The MxL85650 SoC is a fifth-generation SoC family for broadband wireless transmission systems and brings advanced features and performance to the microwave point-to-point industry, with high capacity features such as 4 x 4 cross polarization interference cancellation (XPIC), multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) antenna support, wide 112 MHz channels, high 4096 QAM modulation, dual channel on a single I/Q or intermediate frequency (IF) analog front end (AFE) interface,  packet fragmentation and header compression, synchronous Ethernet, and IEEE 1588 support.Aviat selected both the devices because of their high level of integration, market-leading performance, low power consumption and wide frequency range of operation. The combination of the two devices supports the full microwave frequency range, greatly reducing the number of parts that discrete implementations require. The high level of integration also minimize external bill of material content, while supporting advanced features like digital pre-distortion, and channel aggregation and calibration.Maxlinear is showcasing their capabilities for early 5G field trials at MWC 2017.last_img read more

Nordic Bluetooth Low Energy Module Used to Check Aeration level in Wine

first_imgFrench smart wine aerator brand, Aveine, has integrated Nordic’s nRF52832 Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) SoC for its ‘Aveine’ wirelessly connected wine aerator. The wireless wine aerator is designed to ensure wine is properly aerated and enjoyable in its best possible condition.The aerator is placed on the neck of the wine bottle and paired to the user’s Bluetooth 4.0 smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity provided by the Nordic SoC. From the accompanying Aveine iOS or Android app, the user can scan the label of the wine bottle. The ideal tasting conditions of the wine are determined via a proprietary algorithm, which then wirelessly adjusts the settings on the Aveine device on the wine bottle. The wine is then poured through the aerator, ensuring the precise level of aeration is achieved for the particular wine.With the help of a touch screen display, the aerator allows the user to manually adjust the device to test wine at different levels of aeration. The ultra low power consumption of the Nordic nRF52832 SoC saves battery life for more power-intensive elements of the device; the touch screen and the aeration pump.Nordic’s nRF52832 Bluetooth LE SoC, a member of Nordic’s sixth generation of ultra low power (ULP) wireless connectivity solutions, combines an 64 MHz, 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F processor with a 2.4 GHz multiprotocol radio (supporting Bluetooth 5, ANT, and proprietary 2.4 GHz RF software) featuring -96 dB RX sensitivity, with 512 kB Flash memory and 64 kB RAM. When launched, the SoC was the world’s highest performance single-chip Bluetooth LE solution.The SoC is supplied with Nordic’s S132 SoftDevice, a Bluetooth 5-certifed RF software protocol stack for building advanced Bluetooth low energy applications. The S132 SoftDevice Central, Peripheral, Broadcaster and Observer Bluetooth low energy roles, supports up to twenty connections, and enables concurrent role operation.last_img read more

Duh! Bocah 15 Tahun Kemudikan Angkot di Bandung

first_imgDalam keterangannya, GMA tengah berjalan di sekitaran Logam Buah Batu dan mengaku dicegat oleh Ronald yang mengaku tengah sakit perut dan meminta tolong untuk mengantarkan penumpang yang tersisa tiga orang di dalam angkot tersebut. Lalu ia menyetujui permintaan Ronald dan diberi imbalan sebesar Rp20.000. GMA lalu mengantarkan ketiga penumpang tersebut lalu mengembalikan angkot yang ia kendarai kepada Ronald. “Deket da, dari tugu Kordon sampai perempatan Samsat,” katanya di Mapolrestabes Bandung. “Baru dua minggu bisa mobil, enggak sering. Tiga kali (narik angkot) sama sekarang, tapi deket-dekat,” imbuhnya. Akibat kejadian tersebut, polisi terpaksa menyita angkot berwarna coklat itu dan masih mendalami motif dibalik kasus ini.Tentu saja, tindakan yang dilakukan oleh pengguna Twitter tersebut terbilang cukup bijak dengan melaporkan pelanggaran yang terjadi di jalan. Karena, tanpa disadari, kejadian seperti ini bisa saja terus terulang apabila tidak ditindak lanjuti. Bukan hanya keselamatan para penumpangnya saja yang terancam, melainkan pengendara lainnya yang berada di dekat angkot tersebut. Tampilan fisik yang belum memadai, keputusan untuk menyalip kendaraan lain, hingga kecepatan yang bisa saja tidak stabil menjadi beberapa faktor pendukung terjadinya kecelakaan akibat adanya eksploitasi anak semacam ini.Kepala Dinas Perhubungan Kota Bandung, Didi Ruswandi mengaku kaget ketika melihat foto yang tengah menjadi viral tersebut. Ia mengaku, ini menjadi pukulan berat bagi seluruh jajaran Dishub kota Bandung. “Ini pukulan berat buat Dishub dan stakeholder perhubungan yang sedang berusaha membangun citra baik transportasi publik,” tutur Didi, sebagaimana diliput dari laman, Rabu (26/4/2017).Didi menambahkan, saat ini tiga koperasi angkutan di Bandung tengah berupaya untuk membentuk konsorsium dan memperbaiki pelayanannya kepada masyarakat. “Tapi justru ada anggotanya yang kontraproduktif menghancurkannya dengan cara terjun bebas seperti ini. Sanksinya dilakukan penilangan,” tambahnya.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedIni Dia Alasan Ojek Online Belum “Naik Kelas”16/05/2017In “Basis Aplikasi”Komunitas Fotografi Iran Gelar Pameran Foto Bertema “Terminal”31/08/2017In “Bus AKAP”Metro Kapsul, Harapan Pemkot Bandung Untuk Urai Kemacetan10/04/2017In “Analisa Angkutan” Sumber: Sebagai salah satu moda transportasi darat yang keberadaannya sudah mulai tergeser oleh kehadiran transportasi online, angkot tetap menjadi primadona untuk sebagian kalangan. Namun dalam beberapa hari ke belakang, perhatian dari seluruh lapisan masyarakat tertuju pada kota Kembang, Bandung dimana seorang netizen memposting sebuah foto yang mengundang banyak kontrofersi. Bagaimana tidak, dalam foto yang diunggah oleh pengguna akun @dianmeindra ke dalam jejaring sosial Twitter pada Selasa (25/4/2017) lalu menunjukkan seorang bocah di bawah umur yang mengendarai sebuah angkot.Dalam keterangan yang dicantumkan oleh pengguna tersebut, ia menulis “Pas naik angkot kaget pengemudinya anak kecil… usia belum 15 tahun.. trayek 09 nopol D 1933 AM.” Sontak, foto tersebut menuai banyak kecaman dari berbagai kalangan. Tidak membutuhkan waktu lama, foto tersebut kemudian menjadi viral yang akhirnya tercium oleh pihak kepolisian. Aparat keamanan langsung berkoordinasi untuk menindak lanjut sopir angkot tersebut.Setelah berhasil menggelandang bocah yang diketahui berinisial GMA ini, polisi kemudian melakukan interogasi untuk mengumpulkan sejumlah fakta. Dalam penuturannya seperti yang dihimpun dari laman, GMA mengaku menggantikan posisi Ronald (32), sopir angkot jurusan Cicaheum – Ciwastra yang mengalami sakit perut. “Sopirnya itu lagi sakit perut. Dia minta tolong ke saya untuk bawa mobil sampai ke Samsat nganterin penumpang,” ujar bocah tersebut.last_img read more

UWF Wins Record Sixth Consecutive GSC Women’s All-Sports Trophy

first_imgUWF Wins Record Sixth Consecutive GSC Women’s All-Sports Trophy BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The University of West Florida won a record sixth consecutive Gulf South Conference Women’s All-Sports Trophy, it was announced today by the Conference office. The All-Sports victory, which officially heralds UWF as the most successful women’s athletic department in the GSC, is the seventh in eight years for the Argonauts and the ninth overall, also a Conference record.The victory was a close one for the Argonauts, as they finished the 2010-11 GSC athletic season with 61.0 points, just 1.5 more than Arkansas Tech. Harding, North Alabama and West Alabama round out the top five in the women’s standings.UWF captured the All-Sports Trophy thanks to another banner season from several women’s teams. The Argonaut women’s soccer, volleyball and women’s tennis teams all captured GSC titles in 2010-11, while the women’s golf team earned a second place finish in the league and the women’s cross country team finished third in the GSC.The West Florida men’s teams also fared extremely well, finishing second in the Men’s All-Sports Trophy standings. UWF collected 50.5 points, just six behind Men’s All-Sports winner Harding. Valdosta State, Delta State and North Alabama round out the top five.UWF won GSC titles in men’s soccer and men’s golf during the 2010-11 season, while men’s cross country and men’s tennis each earned second place results.”Our goal at UWF is to always be nationally-competitive in any sport we sponsor as an institution,” said Athletic Director Dave Scott. “To win our sixth straight women’s trophy and to finish second in the men’s standings demonstrates our success and is a credit to our coaches, student-athletes and athletic staff.”The Conference will present the All-Sports Trophies at its Annual Awards Banquet, Monday, June 20th, at the Hilton Birmingham/Perimeter Park in Birmingham, Ala. At that time, the GSC will also recognize its “Top Ten” student-athletes and reveal the winners of the Commissioner’s Trophies (presented to the most outstanding male and female student-athlete, based on athletic, academic and extracurricular/community service criteria).FULL GSC RELEASEPrint Friendly Version Sharelast_img read more

Austin Williams Picks Up GSC Special Teams Player of the Week

first_imgThe junior from Phelan, Calif. is currently third in the GSC in scoring with 27 points and leads the league with six field goals. Additionally, he has made 33 career field goals which is three from breaking into the GSC top-10 all-time rankings. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – UWF kicking standout Austin Williams was named the Gulf South Conference Special Teams Player of the Week following his 9-point effort against Shorter last weekend. Williams made a 36-yard field goal and six extra points in the Argonauts’ 51-7 victory. He also put eight of nine kickoffs into the end zone for a touchback and the ninth was fair caught at the 1-yard line. This is the fifth time he has earned the league’s weekly special teams award.center_img UWF will now hit the road for the next three weeks, traveling to Mississippi College (2-0) this Saturday for a 7 p.m. contest at Robinson-Hale Stadium in Clinton, Miss. The game is the GSC Game of the Week and will be available on ESPN3 and the ESPN app. The UWF Sports Network will also have live coverage on 94.5 FM ESPN Pensacola beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more